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Secrets takes readers on a wild ride through the screw-ups and successes of online dating after the age of fifty. 

What you need to know before going online

"When you do get into dating, this could be, must be, your Bible… Trust Karen Haddigan. She guides you around the pitfalls with advice laced with a wry sense of humour."    - Sarah Stuart, Reader’s Favorite


“It's like the love child of Hitch Hikers Guide to the (Dating) Galaxy and Lonely Planet" - Mike Jarvis 

About the Author

Karen Haddigan has been a TV comedy writer, amateur actor, tree-planter, real estate agent/investor, single mother and professional mediator. She was a senior instructor in a Conflict Resolution program at the Justice Institute of BC, Canada for seventeen years, where she authored a training manual for mediators (that’s mediators, not meditators 😊). 

 Karen became involved in community theater in the 1970’s, studying acting with Ronnie Gilbert (of the

folk music group The Weavers).  She subsequently acted, directed, produced and wrote several plays

for a variety of community theater groups in British Columbia, Canada.  

After moving to Vancouver, BC, Karen studied comedy writing with Danny Simon (Neil Simon’s

brother) at the University of British Columbia, as well as screen-writing and

video production at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She went

on to become a writer for a CBC comedy sketch show. 

She now lives in Santa Barbara, CA, where she honed her skills in

memoir writing at UCLA, and with authors such as Jen Louden, Dale

Griffiths Stamos and Catherine Ann Jones.

Karen also provides consulting services for daters in distress!

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About Us
The Book
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About the Book

So. Your long-term marriage or relationship has ended and you’re single again. Now what?

Well, buckle up because Secrets of Dating After Fifty is here to help.

Secrets pulls no punches about what it’s like to date later in life. Humorous, insightful and blushingly candid,it explores everything from the re-awakening of your inner teenager to sex with aging bodies, how to avoid dates from hell and why you should never ask your married friends for dating advice.

All the stories in it are true.

Whether you’re currently dating, thinking about it or totally committed to life with your dog, Secrets of Dating After Fifty is as entertaining as it is instructive.

Listen to the author talk about the book...

Interview with Author - Karen Haddigan
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What Readers Say

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“I loved every word. Reading this book was such fun and awakened some sleeping relationship seeker in me.  My first response was “Wow, write another one.  I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for the entertainment, and for the healthy perspective on the world of relationships.”





Ronnie Ross, retired school principal              

"As an over-60 guy back in the dating world, Secrets of Dating After Fifty is a breath of fresh air, like having a secret confidant with insights from first-hand experience, who wants to help you get up the nerve to date again and find happiness!"

​Joe Giral, business owner

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"It was as if the authors were channeling my story and experience.  From the perspective of an over-fifty male, it’s an accurate and thorough description of the trials and tribulations of online dating for “mature” adults.  What’s more, you can’t help but smile and chuckle through each chapter, knowing you’re not alone.” 

​​Jay Rudman, retired executive

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