THE PANDEMIC DIARIES: SAMPLE Quarantine Schedule (in case you were needing a template)

Right off the bat, I confess that I stole the concept of this from a meme that floated by me today. I loved it so much and it made me laugh so I’ve made my own version.

7:30 wake up, realize it’s not all a dream and it’s still happening. Think about not getting up because… why?

8:00 get up and put on same clothes as yesterday

8:10 go to kitchen, decide to eat healthy today

8:15 make strong cup of coffee, steel nerves for morning news

8:30 watch news and stress-eat a couple of cookies

10:00 go for brisk walk to work off cookies

11:00 return home and open fridge, eat some chocolate while standing and staring

12:30 fix healthy salad to relieve guilt from eating chocolate

1:00 think about doing something productive

1:10 pick up mess around the house

2:00 start to read a book, fall asleep after 2 pages

2:30 post-nap snack

3:00 decide to do something productive

3:05 get lost in Facebook pandemic updates, political arguments and hysterically funny memes

4:00 decide to do something productive

4:15 decide it’s too late in the day to start anything

4:30 make bed

4:45 start thinking about dinner

5:00 cocktail with assorted salty, crunchy carbs

6:00 dinner with wine, evening news and anxiety

8:00 have ice cream to soothe nerves from evening news

9:00 surf Netflix wasteland and suffer indigestion from carbs, cocktail, wine, dinner and ice cream

11:00 go to bed